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Amazing cookies!

Warm and delicious and delivered when I asked!


I ordered these for a friend, she loved them!

Nothing but compliments and was so impressed with being surprised with a batch of warm cookies!

Greatest Gift!

What's better than fresh warm cookies delivered? Nothing. You made my sister very happy. Thank you!

She loved the cookies

Delivered warm and fresh, no better cookie to be found than that!

Chocolate Chip - Half Dozen

Will definitely use again! great service and nice warm cookies delivered on time!

Valentines Day Goodies!!

My kids and grandkids loved their Valentines Day surprise! Cookies arrived warm, fluffy and by all accounts, delicious!

Thanks to Aaron for helping an out-of-state grandparent send love in a cookie!

Cookies to Root Mortgage

As always they raved about the wonderful
Warm cookies!! The first time I send these cookies no one can believe they arrive warm-right out of the oven!!! I love sending these cookies as thank you gifts or just "Happy Whatever Day"
Thank you so much for this amazing service!!!

Amazing cookies and service!!!

My niece had surgery and I live in Texas. I wanted something to send her that would brighten her day so we chose PDX Cookies. She was thrilled and said to her Dad, "Dad, they're warm!" She loved them and so did the rest of her family. I also think your prices are VERY fair..I'll order again for sure!!

Afternoon Cookies To My New Office

I just moved to a new office this week & everyone has been so nice & helpful I ordered your cookies as a thank you! What a hit they were!! Everyone raved about them & thought the idea of warm home made cookies delivered was genius!! Several other agents took your information & said they would use your service!!
Once again you, your cookies & wonderful service is a hit!!
Thank you so much!!
Gloria Hahn
Re/Max Equity Group

Amazing treats!

I ordered an assortment of cookies that were baked and delivered within selected time frame. They arrived warm and delicious❤️


I keep going back to this company over and over - they are amazing! Not only are the cookies fantastic, their customer service, communication and personal touch on the cookie boxes are second to none! HIGHLY recommend them to anyone!

Best Cookies Ever!

Thank you so much for the delicious, warm, fresh baked cookies that you delivered to the radio station today before my show!!! What a
hit they were!! My first chance to try one & it was amazing!!! Everyone at the station loved them & raved about how delicious they were!!! Wonderful cookies & amazing delivery service!!! What a find when I found you on the internet!!! Thanks for being there!

Most. Delicious.

Coooooooooookies! Such noms. Having warm cookies delivered after an awful day really lifted my spirits. Would totally recommend PDX Cookies!

Warm Gooey Goodness

We just received these cookies as a team gift today and they were over the top delicious! Great presentation and warm gooey goodness! We loved them!


Absolutely amazing customer service and DELICIOUS cookies!!! Order them ASAP

Hmmmm cookies!

Heading to LA to visit 3 grandchildren who always want to know what I brought them. Too close to Xmas for anything other than food. It was kind of a last minute thought so I contacted PDX Cookies who delivered chocolate chip and peanut butter chip cookies - warm. They loved them (so did I) you can tell they use the best ingredients and so do I but mine don't always come out perfect. These were! Thank you!

Cookie Heaven

I took it out of the box and couldnt believe my noise and eyes because they smell and look so good. Then I took a bite and was in cookie heaven. These are the best cookies I ever had and everyone should try it.

The ideal back to school present!

Delicious gift for my daughter who is far away from home and started school today. It doesnt matter if it is a students first day of kindergarten or they are getting a post college degree, warm cookies after a school day are a welcome treat. PDX Cookies is the perfect way to make sure your student gets a yummy reward.

Tasty and Wonderful

I'm not really in to reviewing stuff, but an adorable little box of fresh warm cookies was just delivered to my door. It was a condolence gift from a friend and our family could not have been happier to receive it. Even if the cookies had been mediocre I would have been stoked to get them, but luckily they were tasty and wonderful.

Delcious cookies!

When I get some from PDX Cookies I try not to share them.